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Welcome to Husky Houston!

Here you will find beautiful Siberian Husky and Shiba Inu puppies that are bred for quality, temperament, proper conformation, and companionship. We are hobby breeders and have a few litters a year in our small kennel located in Southeast Houston Metro Area, Texas.

In our journey of improving the breed, we have hand selected sires and dams that best exemplify the standard. We are committed to producing Smart, Healthy, Quality puppies to the people who love them. ALL of our Siberian Husky and Shiba Inu puppies are A.K.C. registered. It is the nation’s oldest and most esteemed registry for purebred dogs.

We have an excellent track record of breeding healthy puppies with no incidences of Hip Dysplasia or genetic eye problems.  All of our puppies are up-to-date in vaccination and dewormings. Vaccination is given between 6 and 8 weeks of age according to AKC Recommended Puppy Vaccinations using top-of-the-line vaccines for protection against the “Core” canine diseases (Canine Distemper, Adenovirus Type 1 (Hepatitis), Adenovirus Type 2 (Respiratory Disease) parainfluenza and Parvovirus). Puppies will come with a complete health record to be taken to their new veterinarians for future care. All puppies have a ONE YEAR HEALTH GUARANTEE against Hip Dysplasia, Patellar Luxation or genetic eye problems.

Whether you are looking for a Beautiful Companion, or a best buddy, I’m sure we have a pup for you! If you have any questions, please feel free to email, text or call !

And check back soon to see if we have puppies on the way!

Email or text me at:

153 Responses to Home of Adorable Siberian Husky and Shiba Inu Puppies

  1. Oscar says:

    I am interested in getting my male dog some pups I want to know more about breeding my dog

  2. Samantha Vega says:

    Interested in white male husky

  3. Tanner V says:

    Looking for a sesame or black/tan Shiba puppy. When is next litter expected?

  4. Rawan Al hita says:

    I’m interested in a husky baby pup . Mostly looking for a male , white coat .please email me 🙂

  5. Pedro says:

    Estoy interesado en un Husky siberiano

  6. Lauren Maxey says:

    I’m really looking for a brown colored husky pup , if not that then preferbalbly a boy pup .

  7. Melissa Morrison says:

    Hello, I’m interested in a Shiba Inu puppy.

  8. Brittney says:

    Hi, i am interested in a corgi puppy. Am i able to put the deposit down to be on the wait list for the next litter?

  9. Samantha says:

    Hello – I was wondering if you he a black/white male husky available? Thank you.

  10. ahmed says:

    im looking for female husky 5-6 months red or orange can you email me back and whats the fee

  11. Julie Shen says:

    I had a shiba inu from Shadow and Neela 2 years ago, and want to know if Rosie and Shadow will have chance to become Mom and Dad for new babies. They look so pretty.

  12. Stelian Ticsa says:

    Hi do you have any male huskys and do they come with full breeding rights?

  13. Cynthia says:

    Hello, I’m interested in a Shiba Inu puppy. Are they the same price as huskies? Thank you!

  14. Jennifer Alvarez says:

    Im interested in a male huskie pup Do you have any available? And what is the prize?

  15. Jasmine says:


    We are looking for a corgi puppy but are on the east coast. Do you ship?

  16. Jocelyn says:

    Hi I’m looking for a male husky

  17. Monica Aguilar says:

    Hi I’m looking for a female and a male husky

  18. Diana Rivas says:


    I’m interested in a Corgi puppy. When are you expecting the next litter?

  19. Daymon Smith says:

    When is your next litter going to be? My dad and I are thinking about getting a pup in about a month or so.

  20. Kyle Knight says:

    Hello I am interested in the litter in January

  21. Jason Hough says:

    I’m interested in adopting a female husky puppy. When do you expect your next litter?

  22. Victor H Gonzalez says:

    Any husky pups for sale at the moment? Would like to get one for the family this Christmas.

  23. Ginger says:

    Hello! Could you please share a photo of the mom and dad for the upcoming husky litter.

  24. Latoyia walker says:

    Just want to know if you have any boys available? Looking to purchase one by October thirteenth, for my son’s birthday gift.

  25. Perry Crutchfield says:

    I am looking for an energetic and protective puppy that has good guard dog genes

  26. George F says:

    I am interested in a male husky puppy

  27. Letty says:

    Im interested in a grey and white female blue eyes puppy. Please let me know if you have any or expect to have. Thank you.

  28. Camelia Padron says:

    Any huskies available?

  29. Jessica F. says:

    Hello. I am interested in a male or female husky puppy. I was wondering if you had any available. Thanks!

  30. Jessica olvera says:

    Hello I was interested in a pure breed male husky puppies. Do you have available puppies? I been trying to look in my area but unfortunately it hasn’t been successful. I hope you can reach back to me as soon as possible thank you

  31. Gabby Cano says:

    Hello I am looking for a male or female Siberian Husky Brown/White puppy.

  32. Manuel says:

    How much are male pups?

  33. Vanessa Alba says:

    Hello I’m looking for a male shiba puppy. Preferly to receive by the middle of august. Can you help us?

  34. Reema Maknojia says:

    I live in Spring and am looking for a male husky puppy and was wondering if you have any available. If you do would I be able to come look at them?


  35. Jennifer Thomas says:

    Hi! I am looking a for a male puppy ready for his new home in July. Do you have any available?

  36. Tracy says:

    Do you have any husky puppies available now or soon?
    Thank you!

  37. Rochelle Alcorn says:

    Do you have any female husky puppies?

  38. Sandra Urquilla says:

    Interest in your husky males if you can send some pictures of them

  39. Stephanie Williams says:

    Do you have any puppies? Looking for a female.

  40. Jade Gaines says:

    How do I put a deposit down for a brown male husky puppy?

  41. Erickson Maranan says:

    Hi there,

    I’m looking for a Red Shiba Inu pup? I’m hoping to be able to assist with my research.


  42. Brenda Coco says:

    I am looking for a husky pup. Do you have some for sale or when is your next litter of pups?

  43. Ashley says:

    Do you have any corgi pups?. How much and would you shop him/her to Canada?.
    And kind regards


  44. Hana Taha says:

    Hi I am looking for a male Siberian huskys puppy

  45. Koebn lableu says:

    Looking for red and white male puupys and wondering if y’all have any

  46. Angel Daniels says:

    how many puppies do you have for sale at the moment

  47. Colby Limbrick says:

    Hi I just want to know information on some of you female Siberian huskys pups

  48. Marchetti says:

    My fiancee and I are interested in a Red and White Male Husky. Do you have any available or coming available soon? How much are they and do you offer full breeding rights? Thanks

  49. Briana vallejo says:

    Do you have any female huskies available

  50. Karen says:

    Hello! I am interested in adding a Husky to our family. Do you have any available? Thank you!

  51. Brianna Cervantes says:

    Hi I’m looking for a male baby husky and I’m want to know if y’all have any available

  52. Rebecca says:

    Hi, I had a few questions!

    Do you/will you have any corgi puppies available soon? Do they come with the same guarantees as the huskies? Are we able to visit the parents before making a reservation?

    Thank you!

  53. rafael Silva says:

    Interested in husky puppy preffere female. need info how to obtain

  54. Jonathan garcia says:

    I am interested in 2 Siberian husky puppies male and female

  55. Becky Wade says:

    I am interested in a male Shiba Inu. Do you have any available? What is your price for a male or a female?

  56. Priscilla Gonzales says:

    Hello im interested in a male Husky.

  57. Cody says:

    Interested in purchasing one of the Shiba Inu puppies. Do you have any available, and would it be possible to view them beforehand?

    Thank you!

  58. Vanessa says:

    Hi we are looking for a Siberian male husky puppy about 11-12 weeks old! With blue eyes!! Do you have any available? And how much are they?

  59. Katen says:

    Interested in female husky puppy. What is the cost and deposit needed?

  60. Steph villarreal says:

    Hello I am interested In a female Siberian pup,want to know if any are available. please email me back….

  61. Brianna Cervantes says:

    Hi I’m looking for a baby husky and we want to know if you have any avalible

  62. Jacqueline says:

    Hello. Looking for a black/white husky. 🙂 any available ?thank you.

  63. Lin Hong says:

    I am looking for a very young and playful pup around late September or early October.Thank you very much.

  64. Katy sorto says:

    Hi , I’m interested in a puppy please let me know if you have one available as soon as possible

  65. Web Master says:

    We don’t have a male puppy available at this time. But we are expecting a new litter in about 6 weeks.

  66. paige says:

    I’m looking for a little baby boy husky for my husbaand.

  67. Barbara Isbell says:

    Hi my name is Barbara, we are looking for a male husky for my 12 year old daughter

  68. Anisha says:

    Hi, I am looking for a male corgi puppy, would I be able to be put on the waitlist?

  69. Yajaira Granados says:

    I want to get my sister a husky puppy but a baby boy.

  70. Hardy Boatright says:

    I an looking for a male puppy, but won’t be able to pick up until about the 13th of august when I get out of the military. Will you have any available?

  71. Lamarcus Stance says:

    Hi, I want to know more info on your pups

  72. jazmin says:

    interested in female husky pup. could you please email me

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