Available Puppies

  The total cost of each  AKC Siberian Husky puppy is $1,000 for limited registration. Full registration, which includes breeding privileges, will be granted at our discretion and cost an additional $500 . Puppies are reserved with a $200 non-refundable deposit made by cashier’s check, Paypal, Venmo or cash. This deposit goes toward the purchase price of your puppy.

 Suka and Benji will have their puppies in mid October

The deposit guarantees we will hold the puppy in your name until the puppy is eight weeks old. The remaining balance is due when the puppy is 8 week-old.

Cash only at pick up time.

  •     If you want to deposit using Paypal, please   go to                PayPal.Me/PuppyHouston.
  • Once Paypal notified us of the deposit, we will send an acknowledgement to the email provided by Paypal. If you are using credit card, paypal will charge about 3.2% of the pay amount.
  • If you want to deposit using Venmo, please look for @T-Ngo or email siberianusky1108@gmail.com and add me to your friend’s list.
  • Once Venmo notified us of the deposit, we will send an acknowledgement to the email provided by Venmo.
  • Click on individual pictures for a larger view. The pictures will open up in a new tab on your browser.
  • Puppies will come with AKC  registration and health records and up-to-date on shots and deworms.

If you would like a specific color, puppy or breeding, please contact us via email (siberianhusky1108@gmail.com), text or phone (832-964-4534) in order to be put on our waitlist. We have a few litters throughout the year and will be glad to keep you informed so that you can get the PERFECT puppy.


174 Responses to Available Puppies

  1. Saihil Heble says:

    Are the F1-F2 puppies still available?

  2. Athena says:

    Hi. I am looking for Siberian husky- Male puppy up to 8 weeks old , white/black color with the blue eyes . When will be the next litter? How can I get on waiting list?

  3. Lee says:

    Is there any way to see current available Shiba puppies that are not reserved? My wife and I are unable to reserve since we will be moving out of state soon.

  4. Lydia says:

    Hi! When will you have your next litter of shibas? I’m looking for either a red or black male.

  5. Orlando C says:

    When will you be having the next litter i am looking for a male husky

  6. Natalia says:

    Hello will you be having red and white huskies soon . My daughter and I are in search for a male .

  7. Lori Rabé says:

    Do you still have the dark red husky puppy available?!!
    I’d really like the deep red color or the deep black and white. I’m also okay with solid white as well. If not do you know of any other litters or info you could send me?
    I’ve been scammed once already. I had someone take my $500 deposit and then disappear and block me from email and phone.
    I’d prefer a male but at this point a new baby would make me the happiest.
    I had a black and white husky female as a young girl and I currently have my baby boy Rudy. He is a Samoyed though and he’s 9 yrs old.
    A lot has happened this past year and I could really use a wnew member to my little family. Rudy and I would appreciate any help or advice you could give us. please email me. Id greatly appreciate it!
    Thank you!

  8. Trace says:

    How often do you post progress pictures of the huskies?

  9. David Salinas says:

    Do you have any plans for a litter to be born around February or March of 2019?

  10. lisa says:

    will you have any available shiba inu puppy’s from shadow and any other female shiba available soon?

  11. Jacob Hernandez says:

    Hello I am looking forward to buying a Husky (male) puppy as I see you will have batches in October/November. I am leaning on the November liters so that I will have the money ready for him. Shall I put the deposit down ASAP? Looking forward to doing business with you. Have a blessed day.

  12. Ahjah Walls says:

    hi, i’m looking to buy a husky puppy. preferably male and I see that you’ll have new puppies around October/November, will I have to pay a deposit now or wait to reserve a puppy?

  13. Jessie Robinson says:

    Hello I am interested in the dark grey/black and white male, DOB 5/6/2018 is he still available?

  14. Trent Ryan says:

    When will you have some more Shiba Inu puppies?

  15. Dhruv Chhetri says:

    Hey, do you still have Shiba Inu puppies left?

    • Web Master says:

      We 16 people on our waiting list at this time and not sure if all of them will pick their puppies from this litter and the one in July/August.
      We do have new litter every couple months if you want to get on our Reserve a Puppy list.

  16. Stephanie Jones says:

    Do you have any red or black husky puppies available???

  17. Kiya mcgraw says:

    Do you guys have any Shiba inu for sale soon? And if so how much would they cost?

  18. Julio says:

    I need a female husky

  19. Hossein says:

    Do you have any Shiba puppy available?

  20. I am looking for a miniature husky male or female. Do you have and the price range please

  21. Stephanie Koile says:

    Is the male 1 from your siberian puppies still available? My parents and I are looking aroubd for siberian husky puppies. Do you have more photos of him? When would they be available to pickup?

  22. Cheryl Wells says:

    I fell in love with a female Shiba Inu puppy that I believe will look exactly like Rosie when she gets a little older. One minute she was playing and the next minute she was a little love-bug. Therefore, I searched the internet for Shiba Inu puppies in the Houston area and found your website. I was happy to see Rosie and was bummed to discover that she had recently had puppies but all females were already reserved.

    Since I’m extremely interested in a female Shiba Inu puppy that looks like Rosie, I want to wait until Rosie can be bred again and reserve one of her puppies. Please contact me, when she bred again, so I can reserve one of her female puppies right away.

  23. Andrew Nethercott says:

    Are lee-Chee and Sasha still available ?

  24. J. Mora says:

    What color is Asha F2 puppy? Dark grey, light grey?

  25. Crystal says:


    My fiancé and I were looking at adding 2 husky puppies to our family a little later this year. He was talking about Christmas time, but I’m planning to surprise him for his birthday in August. Do you have an expected schedule this far in advance for later this year?

    He would ideally get an all white female and I had my eyes set on Black/white or Agouti.
    Blue eyes preferred, but I already saw your earlier comment about 90% of them. I have seen that some breeders consider the all white a rare color. Do you breed them very often?

    • Web Master says:

      We have 6-8 litters of Husky each year and will have a puppies ready in August/September and during the winter months.
      All white is not that rare but certainly not as many as other color.

  26. Latacha Williams says:

    I am interested in one of your puppies. How long is the waiting period?

  27. Parie Donaldson says:

    Do you still have the male shiba puppy?

  28. Tingting says:

    Im looking for a blk/tan male Shiba pup, let me know if you have one available at this time or planning in next litters.
    Do you ship your puppy? I live in Toronto.

  29. Paul says:

    Interested in female shiba inu puppy.
    Next available dates?

    • Web Master says:

      We still have 1 female from Roxy and Hiro available and will be ready to go after December 21.
      Our next litter will be in late December or early January from Neela and Shadow.

  30. Mariela Cabello says:

    Hi im looking for a male husky puppy and would love to purchase one if you have anymore available

  31. Lynda says:

    can you let me know how this works?

  32. Hi. I am looking for a husky. I’ve seen several that have the colors im looking for. I am a US Vet and have been told by other guys that huskys are great companions for guys that have been through what a lot of us have been in the military and am wondering if you guys have any guys have any kind of deals for vets?

  33. Ana says:

    Hello I’m looking for a blue eyed husky for Christmas for my kids will you have any then..

  34. Wenn Zhang says:

    Hi, I’m interested in a shiba inu puppy. Is there any available? Thank you!

  35. Stephanie says:

    Is Daimi still available? Do you have updated photos of him?

  36. Jaelyn Gonzalez says:

    Hello I was Curious to know if Siberian Huskies Are Full Registration or Limited ? Currently the Owner of a All a white Siberian Husky Female 🙂 interest in a Copper female if any 🙂

  37. Shannon says:

    Are there any puppies left from Silverado and Crystal’s litter in April? If not, do you have any other husky litters planned this year? Thank you in advance.

  38. Kristi says:

    I am looking for a Shiba Inu puppy. Do you have any available.

  39. Jesse says:

    I live in Houston and am interested in one of the summer puppies. What are the steps reserve a puppy?

  40. Lina says:

    Hi, I live in Syracuse NY state, is there any way that you can ship a puppy to me?

  41. Briana vallejo says:

    When will you have a new puppies

  42. Karl says:

    Hi do you guys have any siberian husky puppies available at this time

  43. Brenda Lee says:

    I am interested in reserving a male Shiba Inu (red in color) from the website pictures it looks like the color of Hiro & Roxy. I notice Shadow is black (Tri-Color) and Nala is Tan. Have you ever had a red color from them? and is your waiting list full on Hiro & Roxy’s litter?

  44. Tamara says:

    I am looking for a male black/white with blue eyes.
    Are you local to Houston area?

  45. Abraham says:

    Do you guys have a adress. So I can drive over there

  46. Aleyna Cervantes says:

    Are we able to look at the huskies before putting a deposit? I would like information on your next liter. I would like a girl for later this year.

  47. Kaci Goodwin says:

    LOOKING FOR A Siberian Husky puppy.

  48. Joanna says:

    Hi I live in Houston and I am looking for 2 husky pups male and female.

  49. Cassandra says:

    Do you have to go to your location to see the puppies or do you have photos?

  50. HI I am wanting a husky with a white and grey coat with blue eyes. My email address is jaymehigginbotham7688@aol.com you can contact me at any time

    • Web Master says:

      We are expecting one litter in February and one in March 2017. We don’t know puppies color till they are born.
      Early deposit will give you higher order pick of the litter.

  51. Alexander Martinez says:

    Do you have any puppies still available?

  52. Ruben V says:

    Looking for Corgi puppy, any available?

  53. Suzanne preshong says:

    Where are you located

  54. suzanne preshong says:

    Is the female still available

  55. Rachel James says:

    Do y’all have any males

  56. Uri says:

    Where can we find the price

  57. Frank Segovia says:

    I’m interested in a male husky for Christmas.
    Would have any available?

  58. Rachel James says:

    Do you still have the female? Just saw this. Where are you located?

  59. Rachel James says:

    I am looking for a female husky puppy. Any available?

  60. madison durio says:

    Hi! I am looking for any baby boy Huskies. That you have available?

  61. Genevieve Purifoy says:

    Hi! Do you have any Siberian husky puppies for sale? I’m very interested, thank you 🙂

  62. Kirsti mahler says:

    So $200 goes towards the $1000?
    Or is it $1200
    And do they get the first set of shots, or do I do that?

  63. Taylor McCraw says:

    Do you have any shiba in puppies left? I don’t really have a preference on gender. And how much are they? I saw both 1000 and 1100 on tbe website page.

    • Web Master says:

      All of our Shiba Inu puppies are spoken for. We are expecting a new litter of Shiba latter this month or early next month.
      We are now accepting deposits for the puppies.

  64. Lillian says:

    Left you a phone message but,did not hear back from you. Here are my questions:
    Do you have or when might you have a litter of Shiba inu pups?
    Please provide info:
    looking for a Christmas or a post Christmas time What is available now? Please advise on same for a Corgi pup. 1st choice would be a male Shiba inu but, need to know what pups are or would be made available and when to make a decision on purchasing a pup. thanks

    • Web Master says:

      We will have a new litter of Corgi at about Christmas time and a new litter of Shiba Inu at about New Year time.
      We are now accepting deposit for both Corgi and Shiba Inu.

  65. Vana Cunningham says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a red and white corgi pup. Do you have any available?

  66. Dee says:

    Do you have any shiba inu supplies available? Does your shiba inu puppies come with first shots or microchip?

  67. Yoana says:

    Hello I am looking for ahusky puppy male or female doesn’t matter can you let me know if you have any please

  68. kimberly egeland says:


    We live in Montgomery Tx.. We are husky lovers and have been for 25 years. We are interested in Breeder’s rights and a White or mostly white female. Please advise when you have a litter coming up and send any past litter pictures of your pups. Thank you.

  69. Andy says:

    My family is looking for a Siberian Husky pup right now. I was hoping to buy a red one, but black/white ones are okay too. I don’t really care about the eye color. Will there by any puppies soon? Thanks. Can you email me?

  70. ADRIENNE says:

    When is the husky litter from Jade expected? When I reserved one in August I thought it was expected late September. I just read a response from 9/23 that said that a litter is expected in 4 or 6 wks.

    • Web Master says:

      Adrienne, We have a fall alarm on Jade, she was fat but not pregnant. But now we can confirm that Sasha is about 3 weeks pregnant while Jade and Kena are working on it.

      It was my fall about Jade’s pregnancy. Let me know if you want to wait for Sasha’s puppies or a refund of deposit. Have a blessed day.

  71. Josh says:

    Hi, I have two questions. Do you still have any shiba inu left? And do you have payment plans?

  72. andrea says:

    Hi interested in husky pup with blue eyes for my daughter. Won’t need it until christmas. Email me if it’s possible.

  73. Erica says:

    Do you guys offer miniature huskies, not specifically in regards to this litter, but in general.

  74. ADRIENNE says:

    I would like to reserve a male puppy from the litter that is due in 6 weeks.

  75. Tyler Maines says:

    My gf and I are looking into getting a husky puppy. We were wondering if you have any litters coming up soon that still have puppies available to reserve?


  76. ashlie says:

    Hi, I would like to know if there is any male puppies available?

  77. Audrey says:

    Hi! I live in Houston and I’m looking for a male corgi puppy to adopt. I saw some pictures on your website and was wondering if they are available?

    Thank you!

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