Reserve a Puppy

RESERVE A PUPPY – The $200 deposit guarantees we will hold the puppy in your name until the puppy is eight weeks old. The remaining balance is due when the puppy is 8 weeks old.  If the litter does not have the puppy you want, your deposit will be transfer to the next litter. Cash only at pick up time. 

  •     If you using Paypal, please  go to  PayPal.Me/PuppyHouston.
  • Once Paypal notified us of the deposit, we will send an acknowledgement to the email provided by Paypal. If you are using credit card, paypal will charge about 3.2% of the pay amount.
  • If you using Venmo, please look for @T-Ngo and add me to your friend’s list.
  • Once Venmo notified us of the deposit, we will send an acknowledgement to the email provided by Venmo.

Siberian Husky Reserved List

  1. Erin M. – Grey/white or black/white male puppy
  2. Bailey W. – Black/white male puppy
  3. Ramona L. – Male Husky puppy

Shiba Inu Reserved List

  1. Isabel H. – Red male puppy
  2. Jorge M. – Male puppy
  3. Anthony N. – Female puppy
  4. Katie T. – Cream/red female puppy
  5. Raven L. – Black/white female Shiba Inu puppy
  6. Yuchen M. – Red male puppy
  7. Robert S. – Red Shiba Inu puppy
  8. Tanner V. – Sesame/Blck/Tan Shiba Inu puppy
  9. Elena N. – Female puppy
  10. Hung D. – Red or black male puppy
  11. Patrick S. – Black and tan female puppy
  12. Karol S. – Red female puppy
  • Jimmy L. – Aiko’s M-1
  • Jorge N. – Juki’s M-1
  • Amy/Taso M. – Yuki’s F-1
  • Kara D. – Yuki’s F-2
  • Monica M. – Aiko’s M-2
  • Korede A. – Aiko’s M-3

A $200 non-refundable deposit will reserve a puppy available or from future litters. This deposit goes toward the purchase price of your puppy. Pick of the litters will be in order that deposits are received. If we do not have the gender and/or color of puppy you wanted then we will roll the deposit to another litter, or another puppy of your choice.  You will not be added to the reserve list until we receive your deposit.

  •     If you want to deposit using Paypal, please   go to                PayPal.Me/PuppyHouston.
  • Once Paypal notified us of the deposit, we will send an acknowledgement to the email provided by Paypal.
  • If you are using credit card, paypal will charge about 3.2% of the pay amount.
  • If you want to deposit using Venmo, please look for @T-Ngo or email and add me to your friend’s list.
  • Once Venmo notified us of the deposit, we will send an acknowledgement to the email provided by Venmo.

1. Puppy need to be paid for before it’s 8 week old

2. Puppy need to be picked up no later than 10 week old

3. After 10 weeks, we charge $10/day or $50/week.

4. Puppy will get up-to-date shots and deworm while under our care.

295 Responses to Reserve a Puppy

  1. Trish says:

    Can I get an update on the waitlist for corgis and the price? If you have any available, I would like to pick up and pay in full in person.

  2. Denise Soto says:

    I noticed you have a waiting list for corgi’s. Will you have a litter soon?

  3. Jessica says:

    hello,have you ever gotten any seasame shibas from your litters before?

  4. Trish H. says:

    Do you guys still offer corgis? I’m interested in purchasing one.

  5. Vanessa says:


    Do yall ever have litters with creme colored shibas?

  6. Joy says:

    Hi, I.noticed your shibas all have short coats. Is that due to grooming, our will the ones for adoption grow full, thick coats?

  7. Rona Lee says:

    Hi I am wondering if M-2 Shiba inu puppy still available? And is a female or male?
    Thank you

  8. David Lopez Carretero says:

    Do you have female Shiba Inu’s available for this year?

  9. Samantha Davila says:

    I am interested in a male shiba inu after New Years. Will you have any puppies available then ? Are they full akc registered ?

  10. Laura Salazar says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you would be willing to reserve a Pembroke Welsh Corgi born with a tail (more than a bob). I am aware that is not AKC standard, but I would very much prefer a full, undocked tail if possible.

  11. Kirsten says:

    When are you expecting your next litter of Shiba Inus? I am interested in a female.

  12. Melissa Garza says:

    Hi I am looking for a Shiba Inu Female. How can I start the process for one? I would like her as soon as possible.

  13. Hannah Ware says:

    Hello, are there any shibu uni puppies available right now? If so we would love to take one home! Thanks!

  14. Joy says:

    Hi, will the new litter of Nov 1 Shiba puppies be ready to go to homes by Christmas? We lost ours after 13 years and I want to give one to the family. I’d prefer female, but open to either. We are hoping to find one with a calm, sweet personality….our previous Shiba loved people and was super friendly.

  15. Trish says:

    Hi, I know this is still long from now but are you guys planning to have a summer liter for shiba inu puppies? And how long is the wait list? If you guys are having a summer liter, how soon do I need to make a deposit?

  16. Cassandra says:

    Hi! I am interested in a Shiba Inu puppy. I noticed that there is a pretty decent wait list for a puppy. Does that mean the next available puppy for me won’t be from the Nala and Hachi litter? And when would the next litter be?

    • Web Master says:

      mostly true because of 9 people ahead of you, but some may not be ready for puppy at this time. We are expecting 1 litter in December from Roxy and 2 more litters in January/February time frame.

  17. Monica says:

    Hi, I was wondering if Shadow and dam (?) will have a litter soon?

  18. Shirley says:

    Hi, I saw that “Rosie and Hachi Have their puppies recently. May I know are there any available? Are they all reserved? Thanks.

  19. Jen says:

    How old is she?

  20. Andrea says:

    will there be any litters due in the beginning of October that will have black/tan puppies?

  21. Monica Alexander says:

    Hi, I previously paid to reserve a puppy of Shadow and Nala’s. Will I be able to choose the puppy of my choice when they are born? How does this work if there are others on the waiting list? If I wait until my name is first on the list, do I get first pick? I would like to travel to Houston to see the puppies when it’s time to choose. I hope that’s ok.

  22. Jennifer says:

    Is it possible to get an updated picture of the puppies?

  23. Nina says:

    Are all of the July/August Shiba puppies all reserved?

    • Web Master says:

      We 16 people on our waiting list at this time and not sure if all of them will pick their puppies from this litter and the one in July/August.
      We do have new litter every couple months if you want to get on our Reserve a Puppy list.

  24. Amanda Crouse says:

    When will there be another litter from Rosie and hachi? I also saw a 200 increase for shibas? What’s the cause of this?

  25. Mary ann says:

    Hello i was wondering if all the dogs are spoken for or when is the next time itll be available i want to make a reservation for a black female one pls if its possible

  26. Sandra says:

    Do you think it would be possible for me to reserve a Shiba Inu from Shadow and Nala’s upcoming litter? Or have those all been reserved? Thank you.

    • Web Master says:

      Hi, we have 12 people on the waiting list at this time. Six people will pick from Roxy’s puppies so there is a good chance to have one because at least 1 or 2 people will wait till latter in the year.

  27. Anh Nguyen says:

    When do you upload the photo of roxy litter?

  28. Maude says:

    How many Shiba Inu’s were born from Roxy?

  29. Monica Alexander says:

    I would like to reserve a puppy using Venmo @TNgo. There is not a profile photo so I am not sure this is infact your company or not. Can you please verify that I have friended you before I pay the $200 deposit?
    Also, we would like to purchase a female or male puppy of Shadow’s.
    Thank you!
    Monica Alexander

  30. William Choi says:

    Hello, do you have any puppies left?

    • Web Master says:

      Yes, we have several Siberian Husky Puppies available.
      For Shiba Inu, we will have new puppies next month from Roxy and Hiro and another litter in June from Nala and Shadow. Thanks,

  31. Leslie Amaro says:

    Hello, I’m interested in a Shiba Inu puppy, a black or red (tan) male.
    When will you have any available?

    Thank you. I’d love to set my deposit as soon as possible to be put on the list for the next litter.

  32. Omar Shahin says:

    Im interested in Hachi and Rosie’s puppies. When will pictures be available?

    Thank You

  33. Olena Matsko says:

    Hi, I would like to reserve a shiba inu puppy for late summer or fall. I am only interested in red male. Can i put a deposit now?

  34. Amanda Crouse says:

    Do they come with papers? The shiba inu puppies?

  35. Cheryl Wells says:

    Sent deposit for a red female puppy from Rosie’ next litter.

  36. Jorman Negron says:

    Are you expecting a Shiba Inu litter soon? I would like to reserve one if you do.

  37. YJ says:

    Are you expecting any Corgi litter in April/May?
    Also, are the puppies spayed/neutered and microchipped at the time of pickup?

  38. Tan Tran says:

    Do you have any Shiba Inu Puppy Available ?
    I can deposit or pick up now !!

  39. Allan Caylor says:

    I’d like to reserve a Shiba Inu puppy, preferably Red or Tan
    Sent the money via PayPal today.

  40. Mia Gonzaga says:

    Hi! I sent $200 via Paypal, and I’d like to reserve the Siberian Husky puppy, M-2, from Asha and Buster’s litter.

  41. Phalyca Kong says:

    Hello! I just sent over $200 to reserve a red Shiba Inu from Rosie and Hachi.

  42. Madelyn says:

    Hi this is Madelyn, I sent you the deposit last night for the Shiba, I forgot to mention we want a girl

  43. Beatriz says:

    Hi I am looking to buy a Male Red Shiba Inu. How much is it to reserve a puppy?

  44. Destiny Bradberry says:

    Hi I am looking to buy a Red Female Shiba Inu in about May 2018. I would love to know more about you as a breeder and your adult Shiba’s, as well as how to reserve a puppy.

  45. Katie F says:

    I am interested in getting a corgi… when will your next litter be available?

  46. Suzanne Reppond says:

    Will your next litter of corgis be in February? If so, I can make the deposit?
    Thanks, Suzanne R.

  47. Casey McDonald says:

    Hello, I would like to reserve a shiba inu. when will your next litter be?
    Thanks, Casey

  48. Michelle Lin says:


    We are interested in Shiba Inu puppies. I see online that you still have two available from the Roxy and Hiro November 2, 2017 puppies (F3 & M2)? Could you please let me know their colors and if you have any pictures it would be even better! Thanks, Michelle

  49. Brianna Campos says:

    Hi I’m very interested in your Shiba inu’s but I wanted to know when you are planning on having another litter and if you know what dogs y’all are going to pair up just in case the time isn’t right to get one right now.

  50. Jonathan says:

    Do the puppies required to be neutered?

  51. Candace says:


    I am looking for a tan Shiba Inu, and I saw you had a litter in September. Do you know when you will be expecting another litter? Thank you!

  52. Justin ward says:

    Hey there is like to reserve f2 of the adorable shiba batch please!

  53. Gabriela says:

    Hi I was wondering if you’ll have any Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s available sometime around February?

  54. Joshua Kaplan says:

    Hi. I was wondering when your next litter will be? Me and my family are very interested in getting one. Thank you.

  55. Gabriella Merrem says:

    Please post pictures of the Shiba’s so I can reserve one. Thank you!

  56. Justin Ward says:

    When will pictures for the Shiba Inu litter be up?
    Thank you

  57. Amber Weiss says:

    I want to leave a deposit but I am wanting a black one. Is there anyway to be guaranteed a black pup if I put down my deposit?

    • Web Master says:

      Once you are on the reserve list, you can pick from the current litter or wait till the following litter until you find the puppy you like.
      Are you looking for a husky, corgi or Shiba Inu?

  58. Juan Hernandez says:

    LOOKing for a shiba inu puppy Wondering how much

  59. Ryan says:

    Looking for a shiba inu. Deposit and email sent.

  60. Thuy says:

    I’m looking for a male white/tan corgi and would like to reserve for a puppy available in September or October. Thank you!

  61. John James says:

    Hello I’d like to reserve a sesame or red shiba inu puppy

  62. Cheryl Pollack says:

    Any corgi puppies left for the September/October litter?

    • Web Master says:

      Yes, only 2 persons on the reserve list at this time. We still have one male and one female available and will be ready to go in about 10 days if you interest.

  63. Justin Ward says:

    Hey there, i was curious as to see if i could reserve a Shiba Inu or if they are all taken as of now (a female one would be preferable) . Thank you!

  64. Tperez1585 says:

    Do you still have Husky puppies available?

  65. My says:

    Hi, do you have any corgi puppies available in October?

  66. jacquie says:

    I am interested in a male Shiba Inu. when will you have some available?

  67. Nick says:

    Hello, Are the parents of the corgi puppies DM free?
    Also do you know when the next litter is for corgis?

    Thank you

  68. Jonathan says:


    Do you dock tails and remove dew claws on your corgi puppies?

  69. Shaun Flowers says:


    We would like to reserve a shiba inu puppy. Preferably a male :).

  70. Randall Gay says:

    Hi, just wanted to confirm that you received my PayPal deposit and check if there’s anything else you need from me. Thanks!

  71. Stephanie Hernandez says:

    Hello I was wondering if you can have me on a list to alert me when a new litter comes for the corgi.

  72. Lucia Lee says:

    Hi, can I please reserve a shiba inu puppy or a corgi puppy for 2017 winter?
    I prefer shiba inu, but I don’t mind corgi if shiba inu is not available.

  73. Mackenzie Alderman says:

    Can I reserve a corgi puppy?

  74. Alec Munguia says:


    I am interested in Daiki. It currently shows as available. I live in Austin but would be interested in driving down one evening this week if possible.

  75. Kyree says:

    Are there any Shiba Inus still available for June or after? It looks like they’re are reserved. I’m looking for a red shiba, no preference on male or female.

    Thank you

  76. Phong Nguyen says:

    We had a great day visiting your kennel today. It was very educational and fun. And thank you for letting us defer our puppy selection to the upcoming litter from Neela and Shadow.

  77. Phong Nguyen says:


    Just a friendly reminder that we will be there around noon to choose our puppy tomorrow (May 23rd) from Roxy’s litter.

  78. Nidia Morales says:

    Hello there when would you have pembroke welsh corgis later in the year of color red and white.? For the puppy to be ready around Christmas time.

  79. Victoria says:

    When will there be any available red Shiba Inu females? I am looking for something later in the year. Perhaps after August?

  80. Layla says:

    Hi I am interested in a tan Shiba Inu puppy but later in the year (mid-August or later) and was wondering if you will be breeding another litter around that time? Thank you.

  81. Janeth says:

    Hello, I am interested in a Black&Tan Male Shiba Inu puppy. When can we expect another littler of Black&Tan Shiba Inu pups if you do not mind me asking?

  82. Rikki says:

    I am interested in a corgi puppy. Are they still available ?

  83. Kelly Ward says:

    I would be interested in a black female Shiba puppy.

  84. Brenda Lee says:

    Did Shadow & Nala have a boy pup? If so do you have one left?

  85. Roy Martinez says:

    Hey there Tin. I just submitted my deposit for one of Hiro/Roxy’s upcoming Summer litter. Thanks in advance! Looking forward to meeting. 🙂

  86. Jo M. says:

    What’s the timeframe for a future corgi litter? Thank you!

  87. Brittany H. says:

    I am putting down a deposit right now for the male husky that is currently available right! Just FYI! Thanks!

  88. Ricky Patel says:

    When would Shadow and Nala puppies be ready to be picked?

    I would like a red coat male.


  89. Phong Nguyen says:


    I just put down a deposit for one of the Shiba Inu puppies expected in summer of 2017. I stated that I wanted the first born pup. Ideally, I would like to visit your kennel when they are 4 weeks old and determine which one I want from their energy levels. Is this OK with you?

  90. Ricky Patel says:

    Hello I am interested in a white or red coat male puppy shiba

    When would you have some available ?

  91. Alexandra Longoria says:

    I am interested in Benji and Kena puppies. What do I have do to get on the wait list ?

  92. Christin Whitefield says:

    I am interested in one of your tri-color male corgis. Do you have any available now?

    Christin Whitefield

  93. Kendra Cunning says:

    Hi! Looking for a husky. Is William still available? What color are the eyes?

  94. Michael Cornelius says:

    Do you still have huskies available from your most recent litter?

  95. Duke says:

    I’m looking for a male sesame Shiba Inu. When do you think you’ll have one available?

  96. Thomas M Ngatia says:

    Do you have a female puppy and how much

  97. Hlupi says:

    I am interested in getting a male Shiba Inu. I would like to asses the puppy based in its personality over the color of its coat. Is it possible to reserve a puppy but select it on site rather than coat color?

  98. Linda says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a black and tan shiba. Do you think you’ll have one in the next litter?

  99. Lauren says:

    Are all of the current Shiba puppies reserved? I am looking for a male and would to come visit them. I live in League City. ^^

  100. Annie Ngo says:


    I am interested in a male, tri-color corgi! Please let me know when a litter will be available so I can place a deposit!


  101. Varoon Sankar says:

    Hi! I would like to reserve a puppy if there is one available. Please email me a PayPal invoice or reply back to me if there is one available still.

  102. Pedro says:

    Are there any more Shiba Inu puppies left?

  103. Patricia says:

    So, do I just check back in with you guys in December to make a deposit? Do you happen to have any pictures of the parents by chance? =)

  104. Patricia says:


    I am interested in a male corgi. Will they be born in December or ready by then?

  105. ADRIENNE says:

    Just sent a deposit for a male Siberian Husky.

  106. Kadee says:

    I want to double-check that you will have Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies this December (2016)? So I can make a deposit, thank you.

  107. Michelle says:

    I am interested in a male husky, please let me know when you will get a new litter. I am definitely looking for a husky.

  108. Javier Castillo says:

    Just submitted a down deposit for a Red shiba!

  109. Shelby says:

    I would like to reserve a puppy from the September litter. Light red or grey, is possible.

  110. Stephanie says:

    Hi, are you expecting reds in this litter? About how many pups come per litter?

    What do the puppies come with?

    Thank you!

    • Web Master says:

      Yes, I expect some reds because the father is red. We normally have 6 puppies in a litter. Puppies come with AKC registration paper, health record and up-to-date on shots and deworms.

  111. Chyna Stewart says:

    I’m interested in Shiba Inu puppy. Do you have any that haven’t been reserved yet?

  112. Michael says:

    Hello I’m interested in a Husky newborn puppy! Can I reserve one? The application doesn’t seem to load for me.

  113. Javier Castillo says:

    Hello! I was interested in reserving a red shiba pup!

  114. Justin says:

    Do you have any reserved for the September litter?

  115. Josh says:

    Hi, I am interested in Misty if she’s still available. I won’t be back in Houston until next week and was wondering if I could meet the puppy also.

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