You are welcome to pick up your puppy at our location in Seabrook so that you  can see exactly where your puppy comes from. However, we do I provide air shipping to most destination in the U.S.

     The cost of shipping is from $350 to $475 depending on shipping destination and time of the year. We ship from Houston Hobby (HOU) or Bush (IAH). This price will include a travel crate of medium size that is ideal for approximately the first 6 months of crate training.

     Puppies are ship when they are 8 weeks of age and will arrive the same day it is shipped. You will be notified a time of arrival in which you will have to pick it up at the airport. You will have to check with the airport for details on pick up location as each airport is different.  You will also need a picture ID in order to receive your puppy, so please notify me before shipping if someone other than you will be picking your puppy up so I can get the correct name for the paper work.  

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